Asian Human Services


AHS provides a familial safety net that helps recent immigrants and families become thriving members of our community. Fluent in more than 25 languages and familiar with just as many cultures, AHS staff and volunteers guide their underserved clients through every facet – both simple and complex – of succeeding in their new home. AHS’s services include medical care, mental health, community education, and ESL programming.

Areas of Specialization

Staff speak more than 28 languages.

Specialized to serve LGBT populations and clients with PTSD.
Experience working with victims of human trafficking in the sex trade and victims of domestic violence.

Services Offered

Mental Health

Individual, Family, Couples & Group Counseling
Psychiatric Care/Medication Management

Health Care

Primary Care/Comprehensive Care

Dental Care (Minors; Sliding Scale for qualified adults)

Community Health

HIV Prevention, testing; Individual & Counseling, Case-Management, Housing Advocacy

Multicultural Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention


ESL & Computer Skills Classes


4753 North Broadway, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60640-4995

Phone: (773) 293-8430

Crisis line: (773) 293-8488


Mon – Fri  9:00 am – 5:00 pm