Violence and Signs to Watch For

  1) Consider their personality and behavior. Those who…

Do Cranberry Juice or Tablets Help Prevent UTIs?

Cranberries (and blueberries!) contain a chemical that helps…
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Judith Eldredge

Judith offers open, non-judgmental and sex-positive clinical sexology and sex coaching on the Gold Coast and in Oak Park.
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Heartland Alliance- HIV Prevention Services

Heartland Alliance - HIV Prevention Services offers client-centered, human rights based, and trauma informed HIV Prevention services, including education and prevention, counseling, testing, and referrals to Chicagoans experiencing homelessness throughout the city. HPS is community-based, using Peer Advocates, true-life stories from members of this population who have made positive changes regarding HIV risk behaviors, as well as rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes) by trained staff.