Catherine Chinnock, ATR-BC, LCPC


Psychotherapy is a collaborative process rooted in a trusting, supportive relationship with the therapist. We will work together to create a sense of safety that allows for exploration of vulnerabilities, understanding of patterns, and recognition of strengths. Change can be frightening and difficult even when we know it’s needed. My role therefore, is to find the right balance between supporting and challenging you through this process.

As I value the creative process, I may suggest using art as an alternative means to assist you in developing insight, processing feelings that are difficult to verbalize, increasing self-esteem, and finding ways to manage difficult emotions. When art making is integrated into the therapeutic process, the goal is not to create “fine art.” Rather, the process of creating art, reflecting on it, and reviewing the process by which it was made can be particularly healing. If art-making is not comfortable, I explore other means for mobilizing creativity to promote awareness and change.

Services Offered

Individual and Couples Counseling



1136 S. Delano Court West, Suite B201-REGUS, Chicago, IL 60605


Monday-Saturday by appointment


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