Carry & use different sizes of condoms like “XXL” and “Snug.”

Don’t use extra-thin condoms or condoms intended for oral use for vaginal & especially anal intercourse.

Store condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, or get new condoms on a regular basis.

Check the expiration date on the condom.

Do a “pillow-test” by squeezing the condom, & seeing if the air stays in the condom pack.

Tear the condom package carefully without using your teach – to open it.

If the condom, looks damaged, discolored or brittle or if it sticks together while you’re trying to role it on, don’t use it.

Check the condom after 5-10 minutes, as condoms may break after prolonged intercourse.

Use a non-grease lubricant, and plenty of it: silicone or water-soluble lubricants can prevent friction.

Make sure the penis is not wet or greasy when you put on the condom. If you’ve been performing oral or a hand job with lube & are now switching over, quickly wipe off the penis with a wash-cloth before putting on the condom. You can add ONE drop of lube to the inside tip of the condom to increase pleasure before rolling it on, but if you get too much on, start again with a different condom.

Use a cock-ring if the insertive partner is having trouble maintaining an erection: This can help the penis remain erect and also hold the condom in place at the base of the penis. Make sure the cock ring is a bit larger, or else this can lead to friction between the ring and the condom, leading to breakage.

Use a female condom if the insertive partner is having trouble maintaining an erection – then you won’t have to worry as much about keeping the condom on the penis.

Grab the base of the penis during intercourse to make sure the condom is still in place. Changing sexual positions is another way to ensure the condom is still on without being irritating.

Have the insertive partner “pull out” immediately after ejaculation: the penis can often soften after ejaculation, which means semen is more likely to leak, or the condom is more likely to slide off if the insertive partner doesn’t pull out immediately.

Grab the base of the condom after ejaculation to make sure it comes off with the penis.


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