Some tips from HookedOnline:

  1. Wear clothing that you don’t have to take off for sex: this helps to hide tracks, keep your money close to you, and allow you to escape clothed in case of emergency.
  2. Wear clothes that won’t trip you up or hold you down if you need to leave: avoid long coats, over-sized belts, or over-sized bell-bottoms (flares) or baggy jeans.
  3. Limit your heroin use at night: if you are using heroin, be aware that your pupils do not admit much light.
  4. Approach the driver’s window with cautious distance to avoid being grabbed, assaulted with spit or spray paint, or pleasing ‘window shoppers’
  5. Wave goodbye to work partner (or pretend to) and shout an expected return time: this sends the message that you are not alone and your absence will be noticed.
  6. Run against traffic, not with it: the further from the stroll that you get with a client, the harder it will be to turn them down and the fewer opportunities to escape.

Some tips from the Open Doors (UK) that may be useful:

  1. Try to stay alert.
  2. Trust your gut. If a client gives you a bad feeling on the stroll, it will only get worse once you are in his car.
  3. Tell someone where you are working.
  4. Carry a charged, working mobile phone with you so you can call for help if needed..
  5. Try working in groups of two or three so that you can look out for eachother’s safety. Agree on a sign between you, or a code word, for if you are not happy with a situation or customer.
  6. If you are working alone, make it seem like you are working with someone, or that someone knows where you are. “Send” a text message.
  7. Try to appear confident and in control when talking to a customer.
  8. Get paid first.  Don’t let someone see where you keep your money.  Put the new payment in a different place to cash you may already have on you.
  9. Be clear about the services you will provide and your prices.
  10. Know your area:
    1. Choose the area where you work carefully. Try to work in busy, well lit streets especially at night.  Use safer routes to get to and from work even if it takes longer.
  11. Before getting into a car:
    1. Jot down the license plate number as the car drives up, and text it to someone if you can (or at least, pretend to…)
    2. Avoid getting into a car with more than one person in it.  If the vehicle is a van try to check out if anyone is in the back.
    3. If possible, arrange price, service, and location before you get into a car.
    4. Choose where you go to for business so that it’s somewhere you know.
  12. Once in the car:
    1. Ask the driver to keep your window wound down so that you can shout for help or get out of the window if you need to.  You may also be able to bang on the car horn or flash the lights if you have a problem.
    2. Make sure the driver isn’t parked close to a wall or another vehicle…it’s important that you be able to get out easily, if need be.   (you can always invent a reason to change where you are parked if necessary… like police activity).
    3. Try to leave the door on your side slightly open.
    4. Insist on staying in the front of two-door cars as it can be very difficult to get out quickly from the back seats.
    5. You can ALWAYS say ‘NO’. If you find the customer drunker than you thought, see a weapon in the vehicle, or get a creepy feeling, seek an immediate escape.