Jim Cosenza, LCSW, CADC


I am an experienced psychotherapist with extensive training in a wide range of mental health issues. The work we’ll do together will focus on learning to understand your thoughts and behaviors, and help you develop new coping skills. This happens by reinforcing your strengths and values, increasing your self-awareness, and help you build a tolerance for ambiguity.

I work with adults, individually and in couple’s sessions. Whether you are straight, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer or genderqueer, and those who are questioning. I support traditional and non-traditional families: blended, multi-racial and multi-ethnic, gay and lesbian, polyamory, leather, and those in the kink communities.

I am a certified alcohol and drug counselor providing psychotherapy for individuals and families experiencing addiction issues. Addictions can include alcohol, illicit substances, and behavioral addictions like sex and gambling.

Services Offered

Psychotherapy, alcohol & drug counseling





4753 N. Broadway, Suite 608 Chicago, IL 60640


For your convenience Medicare, many insurance companies, managed care plans, and EAP providers can be billed directly. Some clients prefer to self-pay for services. A limited number of discounted fee arrangements are available to clients with documented need.