Lifeworks Psychotherapy


At LifeWorks, we work with people who identify as or are exploring LGBTQIA, polyamory, open relationships, kink and BDSM. We are LGBTQIA, kink and poly friendly and knowledgeable.  Our attitude is to normalize, accept and value rather than pathologize longings, desires and sexual behavior recognizing that by including and integrating all parts of ourselves, we can live more congruently.

Sex-positive therapists embrace the idea that consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable.  While emphasizing personal responsibility between consenting adults, safe sex practices and respect for individual limits and preferences, sex-positive therapists may support clients to explore their sexuality, experiment sexually and discover what works for them. Sex-positivity allows for and, in fact, celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent between or among partners.

Services Offered

Individual, family, and group counseling available.



For more information or to make an appointment, please call or email:

You can also send a text message to 224-592-0076.



8707 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 310
Skokie, IL 60077

Monday –Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm


3139 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 220 & 224
Chicago, IL 60657

Monday – Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm


LifeWorks Psychotherapy
120 W. Madison, Suite 920
Chicago, IL 60602

Monday – Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday: 8am to 6pm


LifeWorks Psychotherapy
321 Hamilton Street
Geneva, IL 60134

Tuesdays: 8am to 8pm
Fridays: 9am to 1pm
Sundays: 12 noon to 5pm


Insurance, self-pay, and payment plans are available. A Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice & Medicare Provider.