Yes – absolutely. There are a number of web-forums and communities specifically for people engaged in various types of adult work! Others doing what you’re doing can give excellent, nuanced advice on staying safe, healthy, and happy: The following forums are full of advice on how to reduce risks of violence, how to have safer sex, how to negotiate condom use, how to deal with job-related stresses and aches, and full of people who can offer you support


Virtual Communities for Sex Workers!

Male Sex Workers Hook Online (USA)

Good Escorts (UK)

Female Escorts My Pinkbook (San Francisco) 

Support and Advice for Escorts (UK)

Female Dancers Stripperweb (USA/International)

Stripperweb contains sections for other adult jobs, like escorting, having a sugar-daddy, web-camming, and porn

BDSM Providers Fetlife
Support in Exiting the Sex Trade, AA-Style Sex Workers Anonymous