Health and Safety FAQs

SWOP-Chicago responds to common questions about safety, health
and general well-being!


External Resources

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Holistic Self-Care

18 Things Every Sex Worker Should Know

18 tips that address well-being in the sex trade holistically.

Health and Wellness Strategies

Advice on Self-Care, by and for individuals involved in the sex trade, by PERSIST Health – NYC

Trade Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Safety, Health and Well-Being for Sex Workers

A thirteen-chapter guide that holistically addresses well-being. Trade Secrets, by and for diverse individuals involved in different types of adult work, was compiled by the British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities between 2007-9.

Tricks of the Trade

Health & safety advice primarily for street workers, but useful for anyone in the adult entertainment industry.

Health & Navigating the Health-Care System

Healing in Action

Self-care tips and advice on navigating the medical system for individuals involved in the sex trade & street-based economies, by Young Women’s Empowerment Project

How to talk with your Health-Care Provider

A Tip-Sheet on ‘Vetting’ Health-Care Providers and Building Rapport, by PERSIST Health – NYC

Reduce Risks of Physical Harm from Management & Customers

Screening – Identifying & Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Clients

A guide on how to assess whether individuals who contact you may be dangerous, primarily for indoor, independent workers.

Screening for Adult Film/Porn Performers – Avoiding Unsafe, Exploitative Adult Film Jobs

Advice on how to distinguish between legitimate, legal adult film work and dodgy, possibly dangerous offers.

Spotting and Avoiding Bad Management

A comprehensive guide with questions to ask prospective employers and warning signs, put together by SWOP-USA members.

STI & Sexual Health Q&As

ASK Dr. K (San Francisco City Clinic)

Dr. K answers all your hard-to-find questions about sexual health and STIs. Dr. K ran San Francisco’s STD Prevention & Control Department, the department that oversees the St. James Infirmary, from 1998-2009. He’s an internist and infectious disease specialist.

Go Ask Alice!

Honest and useful answers to FAQs about sex, scare-factor-free, from Columbia University Health Care and Public Health Professionals.