Q: What does it mean that someone is on this website?

A: All of the organizations and professionals listed on this website have signed the following agreement:

This Agreement … ensures that the partner agrees to provide non-judgmental services to individuals that engage in sexual activities for money, food, housing or other needs. The partner agency agrees to the following:

*The partner/agency possesses the capacity to provide services to individuals engaged in the sex trade.
*The partner/ agency will honor and respect the choices and experiences of all individuals engaged in the sex trade,  and will be responsive to their unique needs.
*The partner/agency employs a harm-reduction/client-centric approach to their work with clients.
*The partner/agency is willing to be listed on the Chicago PROS Network website and other promotional materials.
*The partner/agency agrees to notify the SWOP-Chicago Board of Directors if any changes occur that affect the provider’s ability provide non-judgmental services to individuals engaged in the sex trade.

“Signing on” means that the provider (or for clinics and agencies, the organization as a whole) is oriented in line with these principles.

Q: How were PROS Partners selected?

A: Sex Workers Outreach Project – Chicago started off by reaching out to organizations and service providers that we had first-hand experience with and felt offered non-judgmental, informed, client-centric services to diverse groups of people impacted by the sex trade. SWOP reached out to providers and agencies our members have volunteered with, worked with, interned at, or used services from in the past; and we also reached out to resources that were recommended to us from others currently doing sex work or adult work or who’d done so in the past who aren’t involved in SWOP.

We then asked organizations who signed on to suggest other appropriate resources, and we also looked through resource lists targeting communities that might face issues similar to people involved in the sex trade when going to a doctor, lawyer, therapist or social agency.

If we didn’t have first-hand-knowledge of an organization, we looked at organization websites, had long phone conversations with individual providers, and read through a survey form with questions about the providers’ experiences with individuals in the sex trade and approach to working with this group to try our best to make sure they were a good match for the network.

Q: What if I’ve had a problem with someone listed here?

A: You should definitely reach out to us! This is so important for insuring that the PROS Partners are a good fit, and that they are aware of things that could make individuals in the sex trade feel uncomfortable about using their services.

You can report a problematic experience via our feedback form. We’ll then reach out to the PROS Network Partner about the issue, and if you want, also touch base with you. It might be that the provider is not a good fit for the network; or it also might be that the person was well-intentioned but unknowingly did something that made you feel uncomfortable or that was inappropriate.