SWOP-Chicago Resources

Language Tips: This handout offers advice on language sensitivity and ways to communicate in a judgement-free, non-shaming way with sex-worker clients.

Guidelines for Mental Health Professionals: Inspired by the APA guidelines for psychologists working with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual clients, this document offers mental health professionals suggestions on how to provide culturally sensitive, non-stigmatizing support to individuals currently and previously involved in the sex trade, as well as their partners.


Other Studies & Resources

The Mental Health-Seeking Behaviors of Female Sex Workers: Wong’s thesis includes a literature review of mental health and sex work and describes the experiences of 30 female sex workers with therapists. A great resource for clinical social workers, therapists, psychiatrists & psychologists working with individuals in the sex trade.

Burnout among Female Indoor Sex Workers: Vanwesenbeeck’s study of 96 female, indoor workers in Holland examines factors (experienced stigma, role-conflict, level of victimization, workload, job autonomy, drug use, age, age of entry, career duration, and work setting) that contribute to emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and professional competence among indoor sex workers.

Management of Sex Workers and Other High-Risk Groups: Reviews existing literature on the needs of diverse populations in sex work and evaluations of existing physical, mental health, and harm-reduction programs.